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My Survival Farm™ Review :
Fresh Fruits And Vegetables Forever?

Have you ever imagined a situation where there is a shortage of food? If you haven’t, then you don’t look far into the future. Based on the climate change that we are witnessing, coupled with population increase, we could soon have too little to eat.

If anything, the Venezuelan case presents a very timely reminder that we are not out of the woods yet. And with the current coronavirus issue that has forced people to stay indoors, we may never be sure of tomorrow.

This comprehensive My Survival Farm™ review discuses the program in great detail and reveals every important bit of information you need to know before you buy the book. Read on to learn more.


What Exactly is My Survival Farm™?

My Survival Farm™ is a detailed online-based tutorial that helps you to easily set up a garden that supplies you and your family with fresh organic food every day without doing any work. This guide, which you can set up even if you have no knowledge in agriculture, provides you with all the information you need to successfully prepare your farm, grow plants and vegetables, and even preserve them without requiring previous knowledge in agriculture.

With the garden you have set up, you are assured that your family will never run out of food. More importantly, you will be food-sufficient even when there is an emergency. The author offers the guide in a digital format so you will access it within seconds of paying for it. You do not need to wait for weeks on end for the delivery to be made.

Also, the guide is written in a simple way to enable ANYONE to establish a garden whether they have an interest in farming or not. You don’t have to worry even if you have never tried this before. The guide is written for a complete newbie and addresses the most basic concepts about agriculture right from how to prep your land to applying fertilizer and other things.


How Does My Survival Farm™ Work?

My Survival Farm™ was originally created to help people to grow their food during a crisis. According to the author, a global food crisis is looming especially with the rapid climate change and population growth. Soon, food will be a premium product that won’t be affordable to most people.

To help you avert a problem like this, the author created this step-by-step guide to enable anyone to grow food and ensure their kith and kin never miss a meal.

My Survival Farm™ gives you the ultimate guide to setting up a garden at your backyard and supplying your food with the most delicious and freshest food that’s also free of chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers. The guide helps you to slash your grocery bill and save up to 60% of it every month.


What Do You Get From My Survival Farm™?

Apart from the guide, there is a lot that lies in wait for you when you order for My Survival Farm™.

Here is a highlight of what you should expect to get in My Survival Farm™ package :

You Learn How To Plan/Design Your Garden

Before you even get started, you need to plan your garden and know exactly where each plant will go. You also need to prepare your garden and ensure it’s ready for planting. This guide is all you need to do this.

Hiding Your Garden From The Public Eye

Dan Sullivan knows that when a global crisis hits, your garden is going to be a hot spot for an attack. To avert this situation, he teaches you how to naturally protect your garden from people and keep it secret. He does this by teaching you of special climbing plants you can grow to form a protective barrier for your plan.

Keeping Pests Away

The book also offers plentiful tips on how to ensure the highest quality of plants from your garden by keeping pests at bay. He introduces you to natural pest control methods where you don’t have to use any exotic chemicals that are harmful to consumers.

Medicinal Plants

You also learn about more than 50 plants and herbs with medicinal value. You will also be taught about how you can prepare medical concoctions from these plants and ensure your family always has all the medicines it requires.

Perennial Plants

The author also teaches you about important perennial plants that you can grow in your garden. These plants usually grow again by themselves without the littlest effort for you. The more you have these the better it will be for you.


Benefits of My Survival Farm™

Perfect for Emergency Time

During a catastrophe when there is food shortage this guide will be of immense benefit as it enables you to have food for you and your family.

It Cuts Your Grocery Bills

You will benefit from reduced grocery bills by up to 60 percent. Grocery takes up a significant part of our daily budget and if you can reduce it, then you can save lots of cash. This is what My Survival Farm™ gives you.

Money-back Guarantee

When you buy this program, you don’t have to be concerned about the probability that it may not work for you. This is because if it doesn’t work, the author promises to refund you all your money without any questions. This guarantee helps you to test the program and buy it only if you are satisfied.


The guide is thoroughly detailed and teaches you everything you need to establish your garden even if you haven’t tried this before.

The author has written the guide in a simple and easy-to-understand manner with straightforward explanations.

The guide comes in a digital format which ensures instant availability.

You learn about nutritious and drought-resistant crops that you can grow in your garden.

You can set up the guide in any part of the world.



  There is only an English version of the book with no translations. It means that people who are not conversant with the English language are locked out.


Are There Bonuses?

Yes, when you buy this guide, you get loads of bonuses to go home with.

They include the following :

BONUS #1: Permaculture Action Plan & Checklist

This is a summarized version of the course and helps you to avoid costly mistakes that could affect your farm yield.

BONUS #2: Example Diagrams of Permaculture Gardens

These resemble how your garden design will look like once complete. With these designs, you will easily make your garden plan easily and fast.

BONUS #3: SHTF Water

This bonus manual covers everything about water. You will learn about how to harvest it, store it, purification and filtration, as well as identifying sources of water in any terrain.

BONUS #4: Canning Authority

The bonus ensures you do everything correctly to avoid spilling your cans and having them infected with botulism.


Who is The Author of My Survival Farm™?

Dan Sullivan is the creator of this amazing program. As well as being the owner of of which he is the chief editor, Sullivan is also an expert in permaculture and agricultural issues.

He is definitely someone you can turn for if you need expert advice about farming.


Verdict: Should Your Buy It?

Our honest and straightforward answer is that you should have bought the program as early as yesterday. My Survival Farm™ is the closest thing to food self-sufficiency. It not only slashes your grocery bills, but also ensures that your family will always have food to eat no matter the situation.

During emergencies or war times, the guide helps you to keep your garden safe by introducing climbing pants. Also, the guide reveals to you the most nutritious and drought-resistant plants to grow. You also learn about perennial plants to cultivate in your garden.

Lastly, the author backs the program up with a no-nonsense money-back guarantee.


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